Minneapolis Professional Headshots

About Michael Steinberg

Head Photographer Michael Steinberg is the artist behind the camera at HeadshotsWOW. Photography is his true passion. Over the years Michael has freelanced for National Geographic, studied with Ansel Adams and John Sexton, and has had his portrait of Ray Charles chosen as a Top 100 celebrity photo by American Photo magazine. Michael has over 20 years of experience providing high-quality headshots. He believes our true selves shine through the heart and radiate through the eyes – creating a unique connection during the photoshoot. With each session, his goal is to capture that inner glow within each of us.

About HeadshotsWOW

HeadshotsWOW operates with one sole belief—everyone has an inner spark. Since its inception, HeadshotsWOW has been the premier destination for anyone looking for high-quality headshots. Whether you’re a corporation of hundreds or an individual looking to display your personality to the world, HeadshotsWOW will help the true you shine through.